Managing a Remote Team


In the past, it was easy to manage a team of employees who were not working thousands of miles away from you. Nowadays, businesses are adopting remote trends by employing skilled workers from around the globe. Naturally, the manager is responsible for not only managing the team of employees but also to instruct, foster, and support that team. This responsibility is not always that easy. Thus, here we will be discussing the possible challenges of managing a remote team and how to overcome such...

Publish on: 2020/05/04 by Irtaza Hussain

Why having a business website is necessary ?


We live in a digital world where everyone has cell-phones with the internet. Most consumers will be using their electronic devices to search for online information that will help them in making a smarter purchase decision. Actually, according to a survey, 88% of the consumers will search online information about a product before they finally buy it. Hence if your business doesn’t have a website, you are probably losing a lot of customers and opportunities. Nowadays business website serv...

Publish on: 2020/04/02 by Irtaza Hussain