Mobile APP Developement

Partenering with Startups are Enterprises to bring their
s projects to life !

In most fields, mobile applications have become essential: they allow you to carry out projects at the cutting edge of technology and make your business, your activities, your projects accessible from a large number of mobile terminals!


Let's work together!



From conception to final implementation, Falcon Consulting accompanies you in all the stages of the realization of your mobile application, and meets your expectations as well as possible.

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Definition Of Need

Formalization of the need in a clear and synthetic way. The Falcon Consulting team will be able to advise you in order to propose an application that meets your expectations and fits within your budget.

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Specification Writing

This step is sometimes neglected or rushed, but it is nonetheless essential and allows us to anticipate and prevent future technical difficulties. Falcon Consulting will offer you its expertise in order to choose the most suitable technologies for your project.

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Mockups realization

This phase provides a meaningful visual overview and ensures that the project has been well defined.

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Computer Development

Our developers take the lead, and code the application using the AGILE method. As this step is often long, Falcon Consulting sets up a transparent process, allowing you to follow the progress of the project at any time.

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Testing And Deployment

The application is intensively tested before being sent to you for a final test. After making the final adjustments, the application is deployed on the blinds and is ready for use!


Native or hybrid application? SQL or Cloud database?

Whether you are familiar with the IT world or not, Falcon Consulting will offer you its expertise in order to make the right technology choices in order to have a viable and easily scalable project.

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Scalable Application

Realization of applications that can be deployed on a large scale, to reach our most ambitious objectives!

Strategic Consultants

From the concept phase to the final realization, our team offers you expert advice at each stage of the project.

Realization According To The Rules Of The Art

Our mobile developers are experienced and carry out their own coding according to international standards.

Proven Methodology

Having known how to evolve in this ever more innovative environment, the Falcon Consulting team is at the cutting edge of technology!


The applications are responsive and can be adapted to any type of device!

Detection And Deletion

A rigor in order to detect and remove inconsistencies in the code, in order to give a bug-free application, and a unique user experience!

Time Management

Our goal is to develop your application on time. You can follow the progress of the project transparently.

A Clear And Accessible Price

Mobile applications at an affordable price, it's finally possible with Falcon Consulting!