Our priorities

Throughout our history we have created a wealth of technological and management know-how which is embodied in a set of organisational tools and methods for the development, verification and validation of hardware and software.

QA standards that shaped the development and quality

Falcon Consulting performs quality assurance throughout the process of entire project development. Our QA team is indulged in testing at all the stages and assures to deliver error-free products. Right from the requirement analysis till deployment, we make it a priority to loop our QA team in order to chart a better understanding amongst them. Our QA approach is being graphed in the following way:


Planning and requirement analysis

We specify the project test cases along with its elaboration. Teams are assigned as required.


Code Review

Profound testing is being conducted at the time of delivering and according to the test cases and plans is refined.


Immediate testing

For the just build products, we ensure to run QA test for to meet with the foreseen challenges.


Final verification

Fully modularized QA department

Falcon Consulting is reserved with an extraordinary division that is truly meant for processing the testing in the right way. Our team of astute and skilled engineers’ works dedicatedly on the assigned projects order to bring the best out of it, Depending on the project's complexity, we deploy our team that can be shifted to other in case of urgency:

  • Profound QA Testing

  • Documentation and code review

  • Defect monitoring, tracking, and fixation

  • Configuration update and management

  • Process and progress management

  • Risk handling